Final Project: Technology Integration Activity Development

My final project is a web-based online English course. The course topic is health and fitness. This course is designed as one part of the flipped classroom, which will prepare students with essential vocabulary and grammar before the in-class discussion activity. The rationale behind it is that many EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students could not have effective speaking practice in class due to the lack of preparation (vocabulary, grammar, and related phrases).

Activity Description

Students will participate in various activities that help them understand the learning topics: health and fitness. Vocabulary and essential grammar and expression will be presented via digital tools and online resources. Students will explore each task and follow the instructions to learn the course content. Finally, they complete their fitness surveys for the coming in-class speaking activities.

About the Website

The website has four sections: “A Couch Potato,” “Healthy Lifestyles,” “A Fitness Survey,” and “Contact & Worksheets.” It is made with Wix and held as one of the public Wix websites. Due to the reason that Wix does not allow much HTML coding, some features could not be customized. I have embedded two H5P interactive activities. Since they are inclusive features for subscribed users, when my free trial ends with (Dec.19, 2020), they might not be available on my web pages.

The link to my web-based activity:


If you have any advice or questions, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Chloe Bowra

    Hi Junxiang,
    You’ve outdone yourself again! I am always fascinated by your technology skills and the projects you create; this one was very interactive and informative. I love the drag and drop exercise activity particularly. I find having to interact as the material is presented and not just at the end of a video is so helpful for keeping students focused.
    Congrats on finishing the course!


    • Thanks for your comments, Chloe. I also like the drag and drop function the most, especially in the web-based platform. It enhances interactions in the online learning environment. Congratulations and best wishes for your next course!

  2. Hello Junxiang,

    Your instructional activity and presentation is fantastic. I liked how you used the Wix site to host your presentation. I can see there are many benefits with this platform. I like how you have menu bars on the left, including a chat box that learners can click on, on the bottom right! That one reminds me of websites from car dealerships that prompt for chat!

    Another element that caught my attention was the audio narratives within each text section. This is a powerful application that supports accessibility and occurs within the same page without having to open a new page.

    Great work with utilizing the H5P assessments using a variety of question formats including multiple choice questions and drag and drop assessment.

    Thanks for a great presentation and instructional activity!


    • Hi Rolly. Wix is powerful for creating a website because of the advantage that it does not require much coding skills, though it also has some limitations. For instance, I can’t edit the HTML codes of the website, not to mention adding some extra alt text for images and videos. H5P is practical for creating online courses, and it is compatible with most online platforms. Exploring those digital tools would help us create more meaningful online content. Thanks for your comments and thoughts!

  3. Hi Junxiang,
    I really liked how interactive your presentation is and it is sure to keep the interest of students. There is a variety of activities for them to do to keep them engaged. I also enjoyed the voice recording so students have the option to listen as well as to read the material. I was not familiar with Wix but now want to check it out. Thanks for sharing your great presentation!

    • Hi Corrie. In the online learning environment, some interactive activities are necessary as they would enhance the interaction between students and the content. Thanks for your comments and thoughts!

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