Assignment 4: Technology Integration Activity Design (Blueprint)

The file below is the blueprint for my technology integration activity design. It contains the mains elements of a blueprint, the explanation of digital tools that I will use in my web-based activity, and the strategies of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). I plan to design a website (3 sections/pages) that presents the prearranged digital learning resources for students and better prepare students for the in-class speaking activities.


If you have any questions or advice, feel free to leave a comment!


More information on the activity:

Exploring Digital Solutions for Providing Effective Speaking Activities in EFL Class

Problem Identification: Effective English Speaking Activities

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  1. Hi Junxiang,

    It took me a couple of read throughs to follow what you would want me to do – initial glance was a bit overwhelming as it seems there is a lot of content to cover. After I read through the second/third time, it was a lot clearer and I sorted out how to break it down into sections.

    I like how you have a lot of interactive activities for the students – I can see how that would keep them engaged and focused on the task. It looks like you have a fair bit of student driven tasks and I’m wondering if that’s ever had some issues for you? I have staff who speak English and sometimes can’t get them to do anything I need them to do 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Erika,

      Thanks for your feedback. It is helpful for my final project. I need to simplify my introduction and description as it looks a little overwhelming. My initial plan was to use those activities to guide students in the final learning outcome. As you mentioned, students might feel resistant if there are too many tasks to do in one class. My solution is to avoid repetitive tasks (there are some tasks that I need to edit later)and present them in different formats. I will also try to include some simple, engaging, and related activities in my final project, making the learning process easier for students to follow. Thanks for your thoughts and sharing!


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