Week 8 & 9: Activity7 — Generate and Embed a Transcript for an Audio File

The transcript:


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  1. Hi Jun,

    I really enjoyed this podcast-esque vibe of your video/audio. The music breaks really lend itself to your story telling and experience.

    I’m not sure how the transcript/caption generation comes out but one could be overwhelmed with all the time stamps found in the file. Perhaps next time you could just post the entire transcript as a multi-paragraph as text below so that the listener/viewer can follow along more easily. Really great job!

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your advice! You are correct, the time stamps could be distracting. I will consider posting the transcript in paragraph format in my final project.

  2. Hello Junxiang,

    I enjoyed your narration! Great story and thanks for sharing your experience at the store from a young age.

    You added several music interludes throughout the narration. This is great because it supports segmentation to allow learners to understand the progression of your story.

    My only suggestion comes with the captions. It is difficult to interpret the captions without any punctuation or incorrect words that were auto-generated. It is possible to edit the captions and add punctuation and revise words where necessary.

    Thanks and good work!

  3. Hi Junxiang,

    I was really impressed with the work you did on this piece. I would like to try this format out too! I also enjoyed the story. The only suggestion I would make would be to put your transcript in paragraph format so it would be easier to read.

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Hey, Junxiang;

    Great job… I loved the way you used the music at intervals in your work. I found your fade in/fade out to be a bit brief, and you may want to consider running the music through the whole piece for continuity ( a la CBC doc style). Your storytelling was riveting!
    The caption suggestions have already been addressed by our peers above.



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