Open education resources play an important role in achieving equality in education. First, free textbooks make a difference to many students, especially when the education tuition is already a burden to many families. With open education resources, students have more choices, so they don’t have to drop out of school or give up on what they love to learn because of being unable to afford the education expenses.

Open educational resources can not only relieve students’ financial burden but also help those who have no access to education. Thanks to the educational resources that can be shared and adjusted, the teachers in the third world are able to update their resources frequently and make sure their students are learning the most recent knowledge. On the other hand, for teachers who are trying to find the proper educational resources (textbooks with high quality), those textbooks are less likely to be out-dated because of their ease of updating.

As long as I will need to create anything (videos, images, and blogs) online, the open resources that are free to use and share are essential for me. The best part of it is that I do not have to worry about my work or creation violates the copyright.

Regarding what content I can contribute, I think I can create remixed content by add translated Chinese to it, so the open education resources could be shared with another non-English speaking country and help more students in need.