I will use instructional videos as part of the flipped classroom and Flipgrid to provide more English-speaking activities. According to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, the following elements will be considered for designing an inclusive activity.

Elements of resources

1.  Representation

    • Provide at least two options for students to access the video content: videos, PowerPoint slides or pdf version, and blog post (using headings and subheadings).
    • Offer audio learning and reading learning options.
    • Give a clear explanation for the key concepts.
    • Provide optional learning resources.
    • Add captions or subtitles to videos.

2.  Actions and Expression

    • Instructional videos should be both available on Flipgrid and other video platforms that students can easily access.
    • Social media platforms might be included for communication and discussion.

3. Engagement

    • A clear study guideline is presented.
    • Peer interactions are involved.
    • Students can choose a different pathway to finish the tasks.
Tools to Test for Digital Accessibility Issues
      1. WebAIM’s WCAG 2 Checklist
      2. Accessibility techniques for audio and video
      3. Accessibility Techniques for Animation, Motion, and Timed Content
      4. Appendix A: Checklist for Accessibility
Strategies to Improve Digital Accessibility

Understand students’ strengths and weaknesses (investigation).

      1. Students’ learning styles
      2. Students’ invisible disabilities
      3. Students’ familiarity with computers

Offer various ways to share content according to the students’ information.

      1. Digital materials (OER)
      1. Video and audio
      2. Video captions and subtitles

Use accessible assistive technology to help students when necessary.

      1. Offer students multiple options when assigning tasks.


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