Week 12: Activity 3 — Interactive Graphic

Learning outcome: students will be able to identify the characteristics of a tennis court and state their functions


Explore the interactive graphics and understand the basic characteristics of a tennis court. A tennis court is presented for you, and you can click the “plus” icon to view definitions and functions of the element. Click the icon on the right top to view the image at full size.


Image source: “Tennis Court in dark and light green and line marking” by Soft Surfaces Ltd is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. Nice interactive image, Jun. Though I am familiar with the tennis court, I am curious if it may be better to have a top-down perspective of the court for those that are unfamiliar with the game?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Paul, it would be better to use the image with a top-down view. I didn’t find that kind of images with free copyright, so I went with this image type. Thanks for mentioning this point.

  2. Great job, Junxiang! I concur with Paul a bit on this, when the full-screen takes over, you lose your perspective on the tennis court. I personally like to be able to see the information, and compare it to the image, rather than toggling back and forth. It might just be my own personal preference. I don’t think you need to change the graphic, though; I think this picture meets the needs of a non-tennis person (like me) as far as giving information and perspective effectively; I am suggestion you might consider changing the way the information is displayed (fullscreen < pop-up box in this case).



    • Hello Ryan, I also like seeing the information and comparing it to the image. I think the H5P works fine in the full-screen, but it automatically changed to the mode with information covering the whole background image. I have unchecked the box indicating covering the background image. But still, I might have missed some settings. Thanks for your sharing and advice!

  3. Hi Junxiang,

    We have sure learned a lot about tennis from you over this semester! 🙂

    Another really easy-to-follow, clear graphic. I like the nice short descriptions. As a non-tennis player, I would have more questions (I always like more information) so maybe some links that lead to an explanation of the rules of service, etc. might add another layer of learning without burdening the graphic.

    I have been also fiddling with the placement of the hotspots and finding that it’s not as easy as it seems. Your button for the service line seems to be on the line running down the middle, perpendicular to the net but you mention that it’s the line parallel to the net, so I am a little unclear which is the service line.

    Great work.

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