Learning outcome: students will be able to understand the two basic elements for two-handed backhand: tennis bevels and grips.


In the following lesson, you will learn about the two-handed backhand grip. There are two parts of the instructional video:

  1. The eight tennis bevels for a right-hander (presented in the video) and left-hander (presented in the supplementary infographic).
  2. The two-handed backhand grip

For each part, there will be an additional image interaction supporting your learning. Finally, a summary will be available for you to check your understanding. There will be two sets of statements, and you will need to select the correct information based on what you learned in the lesson. Please watch the video at full-screen.


I didn’t add questions in the instructional video due to its nature, except for the summary in the end. The content presented is straightforward, and the duration is short, so I think having questions popping up would disturb student learning. Instead, I added an infographic that provides additional information and a detailed explanation of the topic.